Suk scores in practice match with Jong Ajax

Suk scores in practice match with Jong Ajax

Jong Ajax won their practice match against the Volendam amateur team, 2-0. It was a good chance for coach Pieter Huistra to see the two new Brazilian players, Eduardo and Kerlon, perform in a match. Hyun Jun Suk, who is with the team on a trial basis, played the entire game and scored a goal.

Huistra and Grim’s team won 3-4 against Jong Sparta on Monday night, but not a single player from that game was on the squad for the game against the Volendam amateurs. Brazilians Kerlon and Eduardo played a game with the team for the first time. “It’s clear that they can play” said Huistra. “They’ve been in the Netherlands for one week, and they still need to get accustomed to the way we play, and the language. They need time to get used to it. We’ll have to wait and see if they will play on Monday in the match against Jong Vitesse. This is something we need to figure out this weekend; at that point we’ll know more about who will be on the squad.”

In addition to the South Americans, Hyun Jun Suk, who is on trial with the team, got the chance in this match to show what he can do. He wants to earn a contract with Ajax, and scored to bring the game to 2-0. Renaldo Jongebloet had scored the first goal early in the match. Suk, eager to learn, was critical of himself, despite his goal: “I scored, but there are things I can improve” he said. Huistra said the following about the Korean: “He needs to get accustomed to Ajax. In Korea, he was used to playing the two-forward system. He’s playing here for the first time with wingers. He needs to get a feeling for that. Then, there’s the language barrier. Our players are constantly talking to each other in order to collectively put pressure at the right time. But it’s clear that Suk is a true forward. He’s aggressive, goes straight for the goal; defenders have a hard time with him. And most of all, he scored a nice goal.”

What will happen with Suk – will he stay, or will he go? – isn’t clear yet. The Korean player will first be thoroughly evaluated during training sessions and matches.

Jong Ajax will most likely play this type of practice match more often, since Ajax 1’s squad is large, and some of the players like to play out their matches with Jong Ajax. “We have a big group too. The ideal situation would be if we could play a practice match on Tuesday, so that they can play too. This works well. We’ve starting to look for opponents, so we can do this more often. Tonight, the players had the right approach against Volendam, but the execution could have been better in some spots. We’ll work on the details.”