Succession Arie van Eijden, Managing Director AFC Ajax N.V.

As of the end of last year, the Board of the Supervisory Directors of Ajax has started talks with Arie van Eijden about the future structure of the club's management and his succession.

At the start of his term in 2000, Arie van Eijden reserved the possibility to resign around his 60th birthday, in April 2006.
After thorough deliberation with the Supervisory Board of Directors, Arie van Eijden decided to retire from his function of Managing Director of AFC Ajax NV on April 1 2006 at the latest.
As a consequence the Supervisory Board of Directors has decided to start discussing Van Eijden's succession. The Supervisory Board of Directors expects that a successor for Arie van Eijden will be in place at the end of this calendar year at the earliest. Until that time Arie van Eijden will continue to fulfill his task with the same full use of his authority and managerial power.
After a successor has been appointed and placed in charge, negotiations with Arie van Eijden will start about his future involvement with Ajax on a project basis.