Sinkgraven not fit to start competition

Sinkgraven not fit to start competition

Marcel Keizer will make his Eredivisie debut as Ajax’s head coach on Saturday evening.  The coach will not have Daley Sinkgraven at his disposal in the Polman Stadium, as he explained at the press conference on the eve of the game at Heracles Almelo.  The left-footed player is still having problems with his knee.

“Daley had this injury last season, and at that time, he did everything possible to get fit for the Europa League final”, said the coach.  “During the summer, he trained a lot, but he began to have problems with his knee again during the game against Werder Bremen.  Since then, he’s been training hard to come back.  His recovery will definitely take several more weeks.” In addition to Sinkgraven, Alblas isn’t fit either, still suffering from a wrist injury.

Another player who’s had a busy summer is Amin Younes.  After a tough season with Ajax, the left winger played in the Confederations Cup.  Younes won the tournament with Germany, which meant that he only had about one week of holidays.  “We’re going easy with Amin.  When needed, he can train, and if we can give him some games off in the coming weeks, we will”, said Keizer.

No loan outs
At the press conference, Keizer said that there would be no major changes to the selection, and only Vaclav Cerny will be added.  A reporter asked about the future of Cerny and Mateo Cassierra.  “As far as I’m concerned, they can’t be loaned out”, was Keizer’s reaction.  Later on, he added: “If more players come on board, then that can change.” The coach got some laughs by commenting: “If Neymar joins us, then it’ll be different.”

Keizer also talked about the upcoming opponent, Heracles.  The Almelo team added four new players, but also saw three of their steady players leave.  According to Keizer, Heracles hasn’t lost any quality.  “I think Heracles is at the same level as last year.  In terms of scouting, they’re doing a great job, Heracles is a strong team again.”