Sikora had a turbulent summer

After many speculations Victor Sikora's transfer from Vitesse to Ajax materialised in the summer. The winger is going to enjoy a quiet vacation after a turbulent year.

Where will you be at Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
,,I’ll celebrate Christmas in Holland. Christmas Day with my parents and Boxing Day at my in-laws. Then I am going on vacation to Mexico. The past summer was quite a turbulent time for me and I have not really had any time off. I participated in the annual ‘foot volleyball’, but that still was a bit like work. All those things that happened in the summer keep going around in my head and was very glad that Ajax gave me permission to go on holiday, despite my knee injury. Now I can go and clear my head. Everything is taken care of, I even have arranged for extra leg room on the plane. And when I get back physiotherapist Mark Haak will be available immediately to work with me.’’

What was most important in 2002?
,,My transfer from Vitesse to Ajax. I haven’t had many more highlights than that.’’

Looking back on 2002…?
,,I do have a good feeling about the year. I developed myself further at Vitesse, closed off that chapter and started a new adventure. I look back with pleasure, only now I have this knee injury, but that will be fine shortly.’’

Expectations for 2003?
,,First I want to get back to full fitness and I want to join the group again. I hope that I will have as much good luck in the second half of the season as I had bad luck in the first half. I am also looking forward to winning my first national championship. We can definitely do that.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,Unfortunately he has passed away, with my grandfather. He died a year and a half ago and I would love to be able to raise the glass with him once more.’’