Second win in Aegon Future Cup for Ajax

Second win in Aegon Future Cup for Ajax

Ajax B1 has won its second group match in the Aegon Future Cup. They defeated the Brazilian team Corinthians, 4-0, at the Toekomst.

It was the second straight big loss for Corinthians, as they had been defeated earlier in the day by Liverpool, 4-0. Ajax started the tournament with a 1-0 win against Celtic, and added on a second victory. Saïd Ouaali’s team is almost assured of a semi-final spot. On Sunday, Ajax only needs one point in its third group match against Liverpool (12:00). Should Ajax lose, there is still a significant chance that they will be among the final four.

Corinthians didn’t have much steam against Ajax on field 3. Within the first fifteen minutes, the score was already at 2-0 thanks to goals by Icelander Magnus Karlsson and captain Abdel Nouri. Karlsson scored the 3-0 goal as well, and Dani de Wit scored the last one right before the end: 4-0.
Pool A results:

Ajax - Corinthians 4-0
Liverpool - Celtic 0-1

Ajax - Celtic 1-0
Corinthians - Liverpool 0-4