Schöne 21 Dane at Ajax

Schöne 21 Dane at Ajax

Exactly one week after the Ajax iMagazine featuring Ajax & Denmark appeared, Lasse Schöne signed a three year contract with Ajax. The 25 year old NEC midfielder is the 21st Dane at Ajax. “Michael Laudrup is my role model.”

The series of 20 Danes who have either a present or a past with Ajax, until Wednesday, went from Tom Søndergaard to Viktor Fischer. With Lasse Schöne comes a Dane with a future at Ajax. The NEC midfielder will come, transfer free, this summer and will report in Amsterdam when the new season starts.
On Wednesday afternoon, he signed a three year contract in the Amsterdam ArenA. Together with Nicolai Boilesen, Christian Eriksen and Viktor Fischer, Ajax has a quartet of Danes under contract. “I’m coming into a nice group”, said Schöne after he received a tour of the Amsterdam stadium. “It’s impressive to think of all of the great Danes who have played here. It’s amazing that I’ll now play at the same club as Michael Laudrup. He’s my role model.”
Schöne recently spoke with Christian Eriksen about a possible transfer to Ajax. After a few positive words from Ajax’s number 8, the Danish international was sure: his future was in Amsterdam. “I know both Nicolai Boilesen and Eriksen from the Danish national team. I only know Viktor Fischer by name, but I’m sure I’ll get to know him better starting this summer.”
The choice for Ajax is also an emotional one, said the transfer free midfielder. “A good feeling is the most important thing with me. Of course, it makes a difference to me that Ajax plays European football each year, but, right after the first contact, I had a good feeling with this club. That really counts for me.” The Dane knows that he’ll face heavy competition at Ajax for the midfield. Despite that, he’s ambitious. “My first aim is to gain a starting spot. It won’t be easy, but I’m going to do my best.”
Frank de Boer is, naturally, pleased with Schöne’s arrival. “Lasse fits our philosophy perfectly. He’s a creative player who can both score and assist. We like that type of player at Ajax. He’ll have to compete with the other midfielders for a spot. But this season has shown that we really do need everyone. We need a good, broad selection. Earlier this season, we needed to call up some A-juniors. With a good player like Lasse on board, we’ll have even more options next season.”