Rik van den Boog to leave Ajax

Rik van den Boog to leave Ajax

CEO Rik van den Boog has decided to resign as statutory director of AFC Ajax NV, by agreement with the supervisory board.

Van den Boog will formally stay on until 1 June 2011. Over the coming weeks he will finish current business and hand over his duties. The supervisory board has decided that two members of the advisory board, Joop Krant and Frank Eijken, will assist the Ajax board members as delegate members of the board of supervisory directors.

Van den Boog: “The developments surrounding the report by the technical consultative group have had an enormous impact on our people and on the organisation and on me personally, as well. It has made it impossible for me as the person ultimately accountable, to take important decisions concerning the long term future. This means I can no longer perform my duties properly.”

Van den Boog, who was born in Amsterdam on 1 September 1959, took office as CEO of Ajax on 1 January 2009. Before this, he held directory positions with companies including Rank Xerox, Orange and Vodafone Libertel and he acted as investor for various companies. Van den Boog played for Ajax as a youth player and completed his training at the Ajax Academy. He played under contract for a few years, until a severe injury to his ankle forced him to give up football.

On behalf of the supervisory board, chairman Uri Coronel adds: “It is extremely regrettable that it has had to come to this, but we respect his decision. Van den Boog has done many good things for Ajax and it is painful for me to see that the events have had such an enormous impact, on him personally, as well. Ajax was on track under Van den Boog. He pulled us out of the financial dip and many good changes within the organisation can be attributed to him, such as the clear organisational structure and the developments at the Ajax Academy. In addition, he reached good results on Ajax’ behalf in negotiations with clubs and players.”