Relaxed Keizer sees an improving Ajax

Relaxed Keizer sees an improving Ajax

Marcel Keizer is of the opinion that he is making his mark on his team, as the head coach discussed during Friday’s press conference.

The coached, appearing relaxed, explained: “We created so many good opportunities during the first half of the ADO Den Haag game.  In those moments, I see a team that is steadily improving.  These were also all opportunities which had been built up from the back, and this is why I feel that we’re taking steps in the right direction.”

The optimistic Keizer immediately placed a caveat on his words: “But I do think that we need to become more consistent, because the second half of the ADO game wasn’t satisfactory.”

So it was definitely not a perfect game from Ajax, says Keizer: “I’m too critical to say that we played a perfect game.  We can play very well, but a playing a perfect game is quite a feat, I think.”

The head coach concluded by looking ahead to the home game against Vitesse: “Have I seen their game against Swift?  No.  Of course, I watched the highlights.  But we chose to look at different games for the analysis.  A cup match like that has a totally different atmosphere, due in part to the smaller artificial turf field.  We thought it would be more useful to watch the games against Lazio Roma, AZ and Excelsior.”