RBC match perfectly suited for return Galásek

RBC match perfectly suited for return Galásek

Tomás Galásek played his last match for Ajax 1 on 19 December 2004. He made his return on Saturday evening in the away match against RBC Roosendaal after a long period of injury. Ajax won easily, 1-4. The Czech midfielder scored his team's fourth goal, from a penalty.

Galásek returned to the starting line-up after four months of absence. Hedwiges Maduro went a line backward and Zdenek Grygera and Julien Escudé both moved one position to the left.

Coach Danny Blind: ,,We are clearly not very deep in left-footed defenders. Last week I chose Urby Emanuelson, a junior. Today I chose for Escudé. The downside of that was that we did not have a left- and a right-footed central defender. But with Maduro we had initiative forward. And Maduro's role could easily be filled by Galásek.”

For Tomás Galásek this was match was perfectly suited for his return. The Czech midfielder had played seventy minutes with Ajax 2 on Monday, had no problems getting out of bed after that match and played his usual solid game on Saturday. Blind: ,,Tomás has played the way he can and should in the squad. As a support for his teammates and soberly.''

Ajax started the match well and had the first chance through Steven Pienaar. The South-African was the first one to score as well, went he put in a pass by Angelos Charisteas after 23 minutes. Fifteen minutes later it was 0-3 (goals by Wesley Sneijder and Charisteas) and the match was, in fact, over. Blind: ,,We played a reasonable first half, although we were given the 0-3 easily. The match was decided at that point.''

The only remaining task was to score more goals and erase the lesser goal difference with AZ. That did not happen. Only a converted spot kick by Tomás Galásek brought Ajax's total to 0-4. Tim Smolders' goal on behalf of the home team, was merely for the statistics. Ajax did gain three points and their Czech engine in midfield was running again. ,,This has been an unlucky season'', said Galásek. ,,It is a shame that only now I get to play another match, but it went well. I am happy that I played 90 minutes and was able to play out the match. It was ideal for me, that we got to 0-3 so quickly. It became an easy match, which we could play out without having to strain ourselves too much.''

Ajax certainly did not strain themselves and that was a pity in a way. ,,That's why I am happy with the three points, but unhappy with our second half'', Blind said.