Proud Keizer: 'Happy for the guys and for the competition'

Proud Keizer: 'Happy for the guys and for the competition'

Marcel Keizer was beaming from ear to ear during the post Ajax – PSV (3-0) press conference.  The coach gratefully accepted fellow coach Phillip Cocu’s congratulations, and expressed how pleased he was with his team’s performance.  “I’m happy for the guys and happy for the competition.  Although PSV still holds the cards, we need to continue this way.”

“Against PSV, who are always well organized, we did a great job”, continued a proud Keizer.  “We played with courage and passion, and on the edge.  We were just as good when we had possession, especially because we were able to be patient.”

Keizer also had praise for the team’s defensive performance.  “Defensively, we were able to keep PSV in their place.  The guys did what they could.  The fact that a few players were almost cramping up says it all.”

PSV coach Cocu admitted that his team didn’t stand a chance.  “Ajax clearly was focused on beating us, and they continually sought the boundaries.  We deserved to lose this game.  We weren’t able to bring enough when we had possession.”

Keizer also felt that the game should not have taken place due to the difficult weather conditions.  “I don’t think we should have played today”, was his frank reaction.  “Our fans’ safety should come first.  I feel that the decision should have been made that nobody would play today.  Everyone knew that this was coming.  I hope that everyone got home safely and that everything goes well for you guys, too”, said Keizer, nodding to the reporters.