Policy statement presented to players

Policy statement presented to players

Ajax has presented the 2006-2011 policy statment to the players, staff and personnel.

Two months ago, the managing board presented the policy statement for the first time, but because the players were still on their holidays, they were given the presentation this afternoon.

The values that are the foundation for the policy are:
1) Ajax inspires and commits his fans worldwide
2) Ajax wins with offensive, creative and dominant football
3) Ajax has a professional top sports climate with his unique youth development program
4) Ajax guarantees continuity by combining a healthy corporate management with guarding the historic club culture
5) Ajax actively takes his social resposibility.

The strategic cornerstones are focussed on football, corporate management, supporters and club and organisation.
Managing director Maarten Fontein: ,,With this plan we want to permanently bring Ajax back to the top. I am convinced that with teamspirit, unity and love for the club we will succeed in realising this ambitious plan.”