New Sony video screens in ArenA

New Sony video screens in ArenA

Sony has installed two 65m2 video screens in the Amsterdam ArenA. This is the first time ever that Sony has installed screens of this size and definition in a stadium. The screens will be in full use at the Ajax-NAC match on September 13.

The screens are much more visible for the fans, as they are bigger than the previous ones. In addition, the overall picture will be sharper, and the moving images will be much more fluid thanks to the higher frequency of the screens. Another important benefit is that the images will be shown on both sides of the screen, allowing fans in the stadium to enjoy replays of beautiful goals and exciting plays.

Ajax General Manager Rik van den Boog is pleased with the new screens: “They look fantastic, especially the size and image quality are impressive. I think it’s great that fans will no longer be looking at the dull back of the screen, since the action can now be seen on both sides of the screen. Ajax’s priority is to succeed on the field. But at the same time, together with our supporters, we are doing a lot to continually improve the atmosphere, therefore making sure that the experience of going to Ajax keeps getting better. What we are currently doing with Sony and the Amsterdam ArenA definitely contribute to this goal. These screens are the first visible proof.”

About the partnership between Sony, Ajax and Amsterdam ArenA:
In October 2006, Ajax, Amsterdam ArenA and Sony signed a five-year partnership agreement. The collaboration is an electronics partnership. The stadium will be fully furnished with the newest electronic facilities. The three partners’ aim is to work together to further equip the stadium of the future.