New Ajax B2 wins Lions City Cup

New Ajax B2 wins Lions City Cup

The new Ajax B2 has won first prize at the Lions City Cup in Singapore. The Under 15 team, led by coaches Michel Kreek and Frank Peerenboom, posted a convincing 4-1 win against Singapore Under 16 in the finals.

The season for the youth players has lasted somewhat longer than for the other Ajax players. Coach Frank Peereboom’s new B2 team had a chance to get used to each other in Singapore. “For me, it was great to come into this group”, said Peerenboom when asked. “We were with B2, in which new guys like Guido Janssen from Utrecht, Ezra Walian from AZ, Nabi Hakizadeh from Sparta and keeper Stan van Bladeren from the Ajax amateurs could get accustomed to each other. The guys who had been in C1 welcomed the new guys very well. At every meal, the guys always sat at different tables, which is something they decided to do themselves, so the group became very close.”
The conditions in Singapore were difficult. It was hot, making it necessary to adjust the practices. In the first match against Singapore under 16, the new team wasn’t used to the conditions yet. “It was very tough physically”, said Peereboom, who together with Kreek, led the team and kept substituting players during the match in order to give everyone playing time. “We were the better team, but gave it away just the same.” Singapore won 1-2, but also won their next two matches against FC Porto and Manchester City. “The tournament was amazing”, said Peereboom. “They were also very happy with Ajax and the players became true crowd favourites. It was cool to hear the television commentary. The Man of the Match was always ours, and Abdelhak Nouri was the most valuable player of the tournament. Ezra Walian was the top scorer.”
In the finals, Walian secured his position as top scorer with two goals. His nine goals during the tournament brought him the personal title of top scorer. But Ajax performed very well as a team in the finals. “The team was a bit tense. The opponent was physically very strong, and moved very well. But our position play was good. We were ahead 1-0 at the break. During halftime, we said that we were playing for the Lions Cup and that we wanted to see eleven lions fighting for their prize in the second half. That’s what happened. We played amazing!” Abdelhak Nouri and Adham El Idrissi scored the two other goals which undid Singapore U16. It was the ultimate revenge for the loss suffered by Ajax in the event’s opening match.
“Winning the Cup was a great end to a wonderful experience”, said Peereboom with satisfaction. The players now have five weeks off, and will report back for their first training on August 16th.
Ajax played with the following young talents:

1. Joost Meendering (GK)
2. Noussair Mazraoui
3. Leon Bergsma
4. Guido Janssen
5. Mauro Savastano
6. Donny van de Beek
7. Nabi Hakimzadeh
8. Vince Dekker
9. Ezra Walian
10. Abdelhak Nouri (C)
11. Vaclav Cerny (Tsjechische proefspeler)
12. Stan van Bladeren
14 Teun van Zweeden
15. Christian Rosario
16. Shivaro Hok Ahin
17 Furkan Kurban
18. Adham El Idrissi
19 Philippe Sandler