New adidias ball for Ajax

Ajax will play in the upcoming season in both domestic league and Champions League home matches with the new adidas Finale match ball. The adidas Finale is the fourth match ball developed by adidas for the UEFA Champions League and continues along the technoligical lines on the Roteiro - the official match ball for Euro 2004 and the first thermically-bound ball in the world. Ajax are the first club in Holland to switch to a thermically-bound ball.

The development of materials and production methods have led to a constant evolution in the manufacturing of official match ball in the past decades. Now that the limits of traditional ball manufacturing have been reached, football market leader adidas has introduced the world's first thermically-bound official match ball at the start of UEFA Euro 2004.
Through this new and innovative production method, (hand) stitching has become redundant and both quality and performance have improved. This way players can anticipate the ball even better and will they be more capable to give the ball the desired direction.

The Roteiro is the most succesful match ball ever made by adidas. More than six million Roteiros are expected to be sold in 2004. adidas has manufactured match balls since 1963 and has been supplier of the official match ball for the main tournaments of UEFA and FIFA since 1970.