Narrow win in closed friendly match

Narrow win in closed friendly match

Instead of training on Thursday, Ajax played a closed friendly match. At de Toekomst, Ajax defeated FC Volendam 2-1 thanks to two spot-on free kicks by Lasse Schöne.

This week, when several of Frank de Boer’s players are absent due to interlands, he had the opportunity let of the non-internationals build up some match rhythm. FC Volendam, the team visiting at de Toekomst, proved to be a worthy opponent.

Just like in the friendly against Umm Salal (6-1) that took place on August 10th, a strong Ajax team was on the field. Django Warmerdam was the only non-selection player on the squad.

In the first attack, Ajax got a free kick that Lasse Schöne promply made good on. Several Ajax players blocked keeper Hobie Verhulst’s view and neutralized his team mates, and the ball was sent against the ropes. Although Volendam coach Robert Molenaar had instructed his team to ignore the scoreboard (which was not so difficult in fact, as there was none on the training field), the quick goal didn’t sit well. But Ajax didn’t continue to push. Lasse Schöne did score another stunning goal on a free kick, 2-0.

In the second half, De Boer substituted Sinkgraven for Aschraf El Mahdioui. Shortly after halftime, Ajax should have expanded its lead to 3-0. After a great attack via Amin Younes and Viktor Fischer, the Dane shot wide from a great position. Volendam had lost its timidity in the meantime and created several good opportunities. The visitors made good on one of them: Kevin van Kippersluis scored beautifully six minutes before time: 2-1.

Ajax’s next competition match is on September 12th, when they will meet FC Twente in Enschede.

Ajax - FC Volendam 2-1 (2-0)
Score summary: 3. Schöne 1-0, 23. Schöne 2-0, 84. Van Kippersluis 2-1