More homework for Danny Blind

More homework for Danny Blind

A match that should have served as the occasion to add the final touches to his team, burdened ajax coach Danny Blind with more homework. Blind was confronted with injuries to Hatem Trabelsi and Maarten Stekelenburg. The two collided hard early in the second half and will be sidelined for some time. ,,I can live with the fact that we didn't play so well, but losing two starters is the biggest loss of the evening'', Blind said after Ajax lost 1-0 to Boca Juniors.

It was the first time in five years Ajax did not win the Amsterdam Tournament. Where Arsenal won top honours, Ajax finished last with nil points from two matches. The home side couldn't leave a good impression before the home fans, but the injuries to two key players weighed heavier.

,,The will to bring more offensively won it from patience and sound judgement'', said Blind. ,,Sometimes three midfielders were playing before the ball. Then you get in trouble.''

There is still much work to do in the next days. Friday Ajax face PSV for the Johan Cruijff Shield. The medical staff will have to make overtime to take care of the injuries to Trabelsi and Stekelenburg, as well as the physical ailments of Zdenek Grygera and Markus Rosenberg.

Blind's first care will be to choose a squad to start the season without Trabelsi and Stekelenburg. The lesser game against Boca Juniors will not play a decisive factor. ,,I have an ideal formation in my mind and I won't judge things on one match.''

The only goal came when Boca scored through defender José Calvo.