Mido back in the squad

Ajax's coach Ronald Koeman had a surprising announcement in the press conference leading up to the Champions League match against Arsenal. Mido, demoted to the second team for disciplinary reasons, is back in the first team for the match against Arsenal.

The players stated they agreed with Koeman's decision to demote Mido, but asked their coach if he would consider bringing him back. With Nikos Machlas hired out to Spanish side Sevilla, Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the only striker left in the squad.

,,It is in the club's best interest to bring Mido back'', Koeman said. ,,I have great faith in my players, so I was willing to listen to them. I had a meeting with Ruud Krol, technical director Leo Beenhakker, players Bergdolmo, Witschge, Chivu, Ibrahimovic, Van der Vaart, Didulica and Mido. The players told Mido what they thought, and he apologised and pledged his support to the team.''

,,This is his last chance'', Koeman said about the Egyptian striker. ,,Hopefully Mido will be as good as he was last season.''