Message from Advisory Board

Message from Advisory Board

Ajax’s Advisory Board has decided not to renew the contract of General Manager Michael Kinsbergen, which expires on June 30th of this year.

“Under the current circumstances, a succession plan cannot be finalized. First, an agreement will have to be made to solve the problems in and around the Technical Heart and to establish the follow-up steps for solidifying and executing the Cruijff Plan. Further, we will need to evaluate the impact a solution will have on the profile required for the General Manager”, said Hans Wijers, chairman of the board.

Considering these developments, Ajax’s Advisory Board has decided to immediately select a strategic commission, consisting of Dolf Collee and Theo van Duivenbode. Until further notice, they will devote extra time and attention to supporting the business aspects of Ajax (Collee) and to the next steps for implementing the Cruijff Plan (Van Duivenbode).

The Ajax Advisory board has further appointed Mr. Tshen La Ling to support and advise this commission in terms of technical football affairs. Mr. Ling will report to the Advisory Board.