'Looking better and better'

'Looking better and better'

Marcel Keizer is glad to have a more complete selection at his disposal.  Ajax’s coach expressed his pleasure at Friday’s press conference.

“Max Wöber has played 2 interlands, Daley (Sinkgraven) is fit again and has played 90 minutes twice.  Siem de Jong is coming up and has been scoring a lot in training.  We’re looking better and better.”

Sinkgraven & Siem de Jong
Keizer speaks highly of Sinkgraven: “He’s a player who can turn around and move quickly.  He’s good with the ball and he’s getting more and more fit.  He’s been out for 6 months and is finally on the way back.  We can use him for at least one hour against Sparta.”

Siem de Jong has been making a good impression, too: “Siem has many attributes of an attacking midfielder, for example, he can score goals.  He needs to be fit so that he can put himself in these situations during games, and we’ll use him when we need him.”

'A bit of competition is good'
The coach is pleased that he has more than one option at each position.  “Several guys have come on board, which increases the competition for each spot.  That will make things happen within the group.”

“Everyone needs to train hard and show what they can do in each game”, he continues.  “The guys should also be thinking: ‘Hey, Daley’s back. He’s a good player.  That’s how you know that you’re on your toes.  And that’s very good at a club like Ajax.”

'Ones to watch'
Keizer closed with a short analysis of the Sparta’s threats:  “They have 2 left-footed wingers, Thomas Verhaar and Loris Brogno.  One of these two will play, I think, but Robert Mühren, formely of AZ, is their high scorer.  Those are the guys we’ll need to watch.”