Dear Ajax-supporting friends,

This is not the most logical way to - for now - say goodbye to you all. This is therefore not really a farewell letter, but more a way to explain why I have left my club Ajax before the end of the season, without using the opportunity to thank you from the pitch for your ever-fantastic support. That support has never failed to make its impression even in the hardest times of injuries.

To have the opportunity to continue playing football in my native country and the deadline for entering in the league in Finland, rapid action was necessary. I made that choice because I knew that my future as a football player does not lie with Ajax after this season and I am determined not to end my active career yet. My goal is to, first in Finland and perheps elsewhere later, continue to play football.
In Finland I can train, hopefully play as well and furthermore, after a twelve-year absence, settle down a bit in my own environment. I thank Ajax that the club has given me this opportunity.

I cannot thank you enough for your super support that has made my years at Ajax unforgettable. Our relationship was very special, I personally think. And that relationship will, even though I do not play for my club anymore, never change.
There will probably come a moment when I can say goodbye to you in a proper manner. When that will be, depends on what happens in the near future. Thinking back to the farewell celebration that I, together with Danny Blind, experienced in 1999, I still get goosebumps. That farewell is still fresh in my memory and therefore I really do not want a renewed farewell. ‘1999’ cannot be matched and it does not have to be.

Finally, I would like to express a wish: I hope that you, as real supporters, will always be behind your club, both in good times and in bad. Just as you have always done for me. I know how important that support is. It feels good, unforgettable.
Don't forget: you are an 'Ajacied' for life!

Thank you and goodbye!

Jari Litmanen