Koeman optimistic about team

Ronald Koeman thinks it is logical, that his Bayern-colleague Felix Magath is playing to win in Amsterdam on Wednesday. He himself will have the same objective, all the while keeping a close eye on the developments in Tel-Aviv. ,,And if the situation demands it, we will attack even more in the final stages.''

That is promising for Ajax's final match in the UEFA Champions League this season. Ajax want to wash away the bitter taste of the 4-0 defeat in Germany. ,,There we did not play well in possession and we did not defend well. Since that time, Bayern M√ľnchen have grown as a team and Tonny Bruins Slot has informed me that they played very offensively last weekend'', said Koeman. ,,Their midfielders Ballack and Frings also came to the goal. They have the stamina to do that. They play good football, but their urge forward is their biggest quality.''

,,Of course we want some revenge, but more importantly, we want to earn a place in the UEFA Cup. It will be difficult, but we should not let the result of Maccabi Tel-Aviv against Juventus influence our game. Bayern will do their duty and I expect Juventus to do theirs. I gathered they went with their strongest squad. Maybe they'll go for 1-0 again, that would be the sixth time. I assume they will act professionally and that Juve will play to win.''

Although Koeman does not want to play to the result of the match in Israel, he will be kept informed. ,,If it is necessary, we can play even more offensively in the final stages. The team that plays, can defeat Bayern. We have to take control of midfield. For that, you need creativity and stamina.''

If Ajax lose, but Juventus win against Maccabi, they go to the UEFA Cup with three points. ,,Then I will be glad that we realised our goal, but yet I will feel pain about how we played, escecially in Munich and Tel-Aviv. This season and really last season as well, showed that we belong in the UEFA Cup more. Many clubs in the Champions League are just further than we are.''

Ajax have gone to Noordwijk for a mini training camp with the same group that played against RKC Waalwijk on Fiday.