Keizer: 'The guys are looking good'

Keizer: 'The guys are looking good'

Marcel Keizer can look back on a succesful training week in Austria.  On Saturday, the trip will end with a friendly game against Werder Bremen.  “The guys are looking good, you can see that they haven’t been lazy this summer.”

Champions League
“We need to be ready for the Champions League qualifying games in in three weeks, and that means that several things needed to happen this week in Austria.  We’ve gained ground physically: speed and endurance.  Tactically, we’ve also done due diligence: build-up, defense.  Those are the key items, and we need to continue with that in the next few weeks.

Nobody was lazy
“They guys look good.  You can see that they haven’t been lazy during their holidays.  That means that they know what’s at stake.  Several guys still have room for improvement, but most of them are looking pretty good.”

Two trainings per day
“Tomorrow we’re playing our first friendly match to close the training camp.  It’s nice that we have a full week of training behind us.  One week without games, during which we could train twice per day.  That’s not possible normally, but it’s really necessary in the beginning.”

“When you’re as physically aware and active as they guys have been this week, then it’s a sign that you’ve recovered well.  Then you need to make sure to eat properly, drink enough, and get your rest.  That’s all organized very well at Ajax.  By paying attention to all of that, we can ensure that we can still get some extra improvement.”