Keizer: 'Not satisfied, overall'

Keizer: 'Not satisfied, overall'

Ajax posted a convincing win against PEC Zwolle, but coach Marcel Keizer saw his team struggle as well.  “We were too sloppy.” John van ‘t Schip acknowledged his former team’s win: “At times, they were a cut above us.”

Van ’t Schip returned to the ArenA, and, just like his predecessors as PEC’s head coach, he returned home without a win.  But he was at peace with this.  “After the first goal, we struggled for 20 minutes, and after that, we were fine.  After that, we played our game, without creating many opportunities.  During the break, I told them that they needed to go after more, and that we had to keep the faith.  We were failing to play the way we wanted to, although this opponent wasn’t making anything easy, for sure.  Diederik stood his ground with that penalty and Younes’ shot.  We gave away that second goal.  But I’m proud of the guys, and the way they played.  We made it tough for Ajax at times, but we need to keep it real: at times, Ajax was simply a cut above us.”

'We became sloppy'
Marcel Keizer nodded in agreement at his fellow coach’s assessment.  “I agree with John.  In the first 20 minutes, we looked good, had lot of chances, but we unfortunately only scored one goal.  After that, we were sloppy and Zwolle was doing well.  Hakim and Donny had to run a lot.  During the break, we discussed that we needed to put more pressure on the opponent, with 9 and 10.  We tried to do that for fifteen minutes, and then we returned to playing the way we have been for the past couple of years.  Fortunately, that resulted in two goals.  But overall, I’m not satisfied, but I’m happy with the three points.”