Keizer: 'Hope for competition at every position.'

Keizer: 'Hope for competition at every position.'

Marcel Keizer extensively discussed midfield during the NAC Breda pre-game press conference.  The coach sees a great competition between several pure midfielders.

“Siem de Jong is more of a number 10”, stated the coach.  “Donny van de Beek is a bit more of a controller.  But don’t forget Frenkie de Jong.  It’s one big competition between several midfielders.  Carel Eiting is coming up, too”

“I would love to have this kind of competition at every position.” Keizer won’t hear of loaning out one of his midfielders.  “I want to keep everyone here, I need them all.”

Hakim belongs at midfield
When asked if he would place Hakim Ziyech as a right forward, Keizer answers dismissively. “I think that Hakim belongs at midfield, too.  Right now, I wouldn’t think of putting him in a wing position.  These are all pure midfielders.”

The coach sees several points of improvement.  “We’re always working on improving the team.  We should have created more opportunities against FC Utrecht.  We’re still working on that.  We need to be more creative and create more and better opportunities.”

“We’re searching when it comes to getting the ball to the right positions”, he explains.  “We need to move more and we’re looking for balance, including at midfield.  Next to that, we also want to play combination football to pin the opponent down.  Balance and combination football will make a good team.”

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