Keizer: 'Feels good to win in this situation’

Keizer: 'Feels good to win in this situation’

Marcel Keizer has posted his first win as Ajax's head coach in today’s game against FC Groningen (3-1).  He was pleased as he addressed the press after the game: “Of course we can play better, but this win is very welcome.”

“I think we came out of the starting blocks very well”, continued Keizer in his analysis.  “We carried out our tasks, both in position play as well as applying pressure to the opponent.” His compliments went out to the left side, consisting of Mitchell Dijks, Hakim Ziyech and Vaclav Cerny.  “In terms of offense, we created more on the left side than on the right.”

‘Where is this going?’
Keizer saw his team take a step back after Ziyech’s 2-0 goal. “We played well until the second goal.  After the second one, we ran with the ball a bit more and we played ourselves out of the game.  Last week, I enjoyed watching Groningen’s comeback against Heerenveen (3-3), but because of that, we were on our guard.”

The Ajax coach was nervous when Oyssama Idrissi scored a beautiful goal for the opponents.  “After Groningen’s 2-1, I thought: where is this going? But with two fresh reinforcements and a beautiful goal by Lasse Schöne, we restored order.  It feels good to win in this situation.”

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