Keizer critical: 'Can always do better'

Keizer critical: 'Can always do better'

Marcel Keizer was moderately satisfied with the 1-4 cup win against De Dijk.  “I think we can always do better.  We should have scored more goals and that goal against was unnecessary”, said the Ajax coach.  “Moreover, I have a bad feeling about Vaclav’s injury.”

Still, Keizer pointed out some positives from the game.  “Overall, though, 4-1 is fine.  In addition to that, we scored some nice goals.” And, after a short pause, he continued.  “Unfortunately, we were unable to maintain that pace.  Soon after the break, the score was 0-4.  After that, we saw some backsliding from our team.”

'Good midfield’
The midfield players for this occasion - Frenkie and Siem de Jong and Carel Eiting – earned Keizer’s praise.  “We have a good midfield.  In the beginning, we weren’t really able to find each other.  The first 5 or 10 minutes were tentative.  In the end, I think we played a decent game.”

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