Keizer: 'Can only blame ourselves'

Keizer: 'Can only blame ourselves'

After the ADO Den Haag – Ajax (1-1) game, Marcel Keizer took responsibility.  “We have only ourselves to blame for this”, said the coach after the disappointing draw.  “We were sloppy in the second half and wasted a lot of good balls.”

Before halftime, Ajax played fine.  “We were fairly good in the first half.  We found the free man, but we just didn’t score enough.”

And Ajax paid for this in the second half.  “ADO’s goal hung in the mid-air at one point”, acknowledged Keizer.  “It was our own fault.  If we had been as sharp in the second half as we had been in the first, there wouldn’t have been a problem.”

In the closing phase, Ajax came close to scoring the winning goal several times.  “We tried everything after the tying goal, but despite having so many opportunities, we were, unfortunately, unable to score.”