Jong Ajax to quarterfinals in Hong Kong

Jong Ajax to quarterfinals in Hong Kong

Jong Ajax qualified as No.1 of the group to the knockout stage of the 7's in Hong Kong, with 1 winning and 2 ties. Florian Jozefzoon scored 3 times and made 2 assists, were definitely the best player in the first day. Tomorrow Ajax will play against Boca Juniors (the second of Group B) in quarterfinal, the two clubs played a practicing game yesterday with 0-0 as the final score.

The first game Jong Ajax played against the host club, Hong Kong Football Club. In the first half, Jozefzoon offered two assists to Burnet and Boere, made the score 2-0. In the second half, Jozefzoon scored twice, and 4-0 was the final result.

Line-up: Deckers, Koppers, Van Rhijn (c), Jozefzoon, Kappelhof, Boere, Burnet.
Goals: Burnet, Boere, Jozefzoon (2).

Jong Ajax played against Fourway Rangers as the second game of group stage. Gery Vink copied the form exactly as the first game. However, Fourway Rangers scored in the first place, and left few time to Ajax. In the second half, Jozefzoon scored from outside of the penalty area. 1-1 was the second game. Some spectators said, "This should be the best goal of this tournament!" After the first two games, Jozefzoon is already a superstar of this tournament, a lot of local fans asked him to sign and take pictures after the game.

Line-up: Deckers, Koppers, Van Rhijn (c), Jozefzoon, Kappelhof, Boere, Burnet.
Goal: Jozefzoon.

The third game Jong Ajax played against Kitchee, who also achieved 1 winnig and 1 tie in the first 2 games. Kitchee just became the champions of Hong Kong First Division Football League this season, it is the first time the won the title since 47 years ago. Captain Van Rhijn scored from long distance in the first half, 1-0. However, Kitchee scored in the second half, Jong Ajax finished another game with 1-1, and qualified as the first in Group D to the quarterfinal tomorrow.

Line-up: Deckers, Bonevacia, Van Rhijn (c), Jozefzoon, Van Zoolingen, Boere, Burnet.
Goal: Van Rhijn.

During the game of Jong Ajax, ex-Aston Villa player Ian Taylor was standing beside the pitch and watching the game of their potential opponent. He told:"From the first three games, It is obviously to see that Ajax is a team with excellent quality, they always formed well. It is Ajax, and their traditions. Some players are very outstanding, I see the two wingers, No.7 (Jozefzoon) and No.5 (Burnet) are the biggest threaten to us. I think Ajax and Liverpool might be the biggest obstacles on our way to defend out chanpions." Last year, Ajax lost to Aston Villa at quarterfinal, and the latter one became the champions of the tournament.