Jong Ajax ready to start in Hong Kong

Jong Ajax ready to start in Hong Kong

Jong Ajax is currently in Hong Kong to play an international tournament at Hong Kong Football Club FC. The tournament starts on Saturday with the group phase. Ajax will play against Kitchee, Etoile and Hong Kong Football Club. Coach Gery Vink is looking forward to the tournament.

Gery Vink, how do you feel in Hong Kong?
,,This is my first time to Hong Kong, and I like the city so much. It is beside the sea just as The Netherlands, but it is totally different type.”

As from The Netherlands, will it be too warm and wet for you in Hong Kong? Will the weather impact the performance of Jong Ajax?
,,It is warm, but not extremely, it is not a big problem for us. Furthur, we came here 3 days in advance in order to adapt the weather and adjust the jetlag.”

The difference between 7s and 11s football is big. Last year Jong Ajax lost in the qu arterfinal against Aston Villa.
,,Yes, it is big difference, we are training these days for this new form of playing. The players are all familiar with the 11s, sometimes they play 5s indoor game. Maybe before they were 10 years old, they played several times 7s.”

What are you going to form the team as 7 players?
,,It is not sure yet. I am testing these days. 3-2-1 or 3-1-2 or 4-1-1 is all possible choice. There are only 14 minutes per each game, we are not allowed to make any mistake.”

What did you told the players during the trainings these days?
,,I need to emphisis attitude and diciplines to the players. For such game with only 14 minutes, they have to concentrate. It is warm, and the schedule is tight, 3 games per half day, but they need to contribute their best.”

Did you already get known about the teams you are going to play against?
,,I didn't watch any game of Liverpool or Aston Villa yet, I see this tournament a big challenge for me and also the players. No matter who we are going to play against, we have only one goal: Champions.”

So do you think Ajax will be the double champions on Sunday? Eredivisie and HK 7s?
,,Yes, that is what all of us expecting for. After our games on Sunday, we will go back to hotel and watch Ajax-Twente together.”

Your forcast for Ajax-Twente?
,,2-1, and Ajax the champion!”