John O'Brien wants 2003 to be spectacular

It has been a turbulent year for John O'Brien. He won the double with Ajax and played a good World Cup with team USA in Corea and Japan. Unfortunately the American was plagued by an Achilles heel injury in the last months.

Where do you celebrate Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
,,Back home in California, with a big tree, big presents and a big Santa Claus. I try to buy as many presents as possible here in Amsterdam. Christmas back home also means we eat a lot. I don’t cook, my mother does everything. She prepares the turkey.’’

What was the most important in 2002?
,,I cannot name one thing. For me it were the championship, winning the cup and particularly playing in the World Cup. The championship probably counts the most, because it was achieved over a longer period. And the World Cup was bigger in terms of experience.’’
,,Personally the most important thing was my that my family was healthy and everybody, except my brother, came to the World Cup. They, including my girlfriend and my friends, were there for me this year.’’

Expectations for 2003?
,,That it will be spectacular! On every level. That we will know many great moments in the Arena. Privately I want to make it spectacular as well, but then in my own way. I want to feel good with myself every day.’’

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,If I could, with my uncle. He passed away just before the World Cup. I would love to have a glass of champagne with him on New Year’s Eve.’’