Jari Litmanen's contract not extended

Ajax have decided not to extend the contract of Jari Litmanen. His current contract runs to the end of this season.

Managing director Arie van Eijden: ,,We regret that we have to part ways with Jari, but unfortunately physical problems in the last two years did not allow him to do that what everyone was hoping for. The fact that he was so little available to play was part of the reason not to extend his contract. For the club and certainly also for Jari it is a pity that he has not been able to play more matches. We hope that he can play some matches this season, so he can end his career as an Ajax player in a worthy manner.''

Litmanen has known many successes with Ajax. No less than four times he won the national championship with the club, three times the Amstel Cup and three times the Dutch Super Cup. 1995 was his most successful year, in which he won the national title, the European Super Cup, the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup with Ajax. Litmanen is Ajax's all time top scorer in European matches with 24 goals.

In the Dutch league Jari has played 179 matches in which he scored 96 goals. He played 16 cup matches and 42 UEFA Champions League matches for Ajax.

In the current seasdon Litmanen has played in six league matches and three UEFA Champions League matches.