Is Ajax coach Trustfull Brazilian?

Is Ajax coach Trustfull Brazilian?

Desportivo Brazil qualified last month, via a special qualifying tournament in Brazil, for the youth tournament at Ajax. At AEGON Mongeral’s invitation, several Brazilian journalists travelled with the team.

The introduction produces a funny confusion. Although the Brazilian journalists have prepared well, they are in doubt. And, honestly, if you didn’t know, would Orlando Trustfull pass for a Brazilian? “Have you seen me play football? In that case, I take it as a compliment to be taken for a Brazilian.”

The reporters try to uncover the Ajax academy’s ‘secret’. Trustfull: “I don’t know if there is a secret, because to know that I’d need to see all of the academies in the world. Only then could I see if we’re doing something here that nobody else is doing. What is clear is that we teach according to a certain philosophy. And Ajax has become world famous because of that. It’s about the mind-set and the best interest of the team. Within that, players have their freedom. We’re not creating robots”, says Trustfull.

The Brazilians have planned a nice closing for the B1 coach. When asked what it’s like, as a former Feyenoord man, to work at Ajax, Trustfull gives an appropriate answer. “I played in Ajax’s academy for five years. And this is now my second season in Amsterdam. Of course there’s rivalry between Ajax and Feyenoord, but that’s good. That’s part of football. It’s no different in Brazil.”