Internazionale ease past Galatasaray

The opening match of the Amsterdam Tournament was fun to watch for Ajax fans, although Internazionale and Galatasaray were playing. With Andy van der Meyde at Internazionale and Frank de Boer at Galatasaray there was Ajax history on the pitch. After 72 minutes both had left and Inter were up 3-0. That was also the final score.

Andy van der Meyde started particularly well for his new Italian team. It did however lead not to a goal. De Boer had little to do in Galatasaray's defence. The one time he should have reacted, he was nailed to the ground. Martins headed the ball behind the Turkish goalkeeper.

It was again Martins, the just 18-year old forward from Inter, who doubled the Italians' lead in the second half.

Two minutes later Rebbechi put Inter up 3-0. Andy van der Meyde saw both goals from the bench. The former Ajax player left the pitch under an ovation from the fans. He blew kisses at the crowd and pointed at his heart.

Frank de Boer left some ten minutes later. He was not seen off as enthousiastically. Not much happended after that. Inter comfortably played out the match.