Injured Lobont still had a good year

Goalkeeper Bogdan Lobont played well for Dinamo Bucharest in thefirst half of the year. Back with Ajax, after the summer, the Romanian hurt his shoulder and he couldn't begin training until right before the winter break. But you need setbacks, Lobont thinks.

How do you celebrate Christmas and/or New Year's Eve?
,,I will be in Austria with my girlfriend and two friends for the whole vacation. We were in Austria last year too, in another place. We will be in a hotel for the holidays. On New Year's Eve we are going to have champagne and fireworks. Our two friends will probably go skiing, but I won't. We stay until January 4th and then we come back."

What was the most important in 2002?
,,The most important moment was when I could train with the group again on the Wednesday before the winter break. I expected not to be fit until after the winter break."

Your expectations for 2003?
,,I want to stay healthy this year, then I can achieve many things. The past year has been good. I won te championship with Dinamo Bucharest and played all matches. I got injured again back at Ajax, but you cannot have a good life if you only experience good things. Setbacks put you with both feet back on the ground. That's why 2002, despite my injury, was a good year."

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,With my girlfriend."