Ibrahimovic reaches Euro 2004 with Sweden

Sweden, with Zlatan Ibrahimovic as a late substitute, qualified for Euro 2004 in Portugal on Wednesday. The Swedes won in Poland with 2-0. Elsewhere, Ajax striker Wesley Sonck kept Belgium's hopes alive with two goals against Croatia.

Nilsson and Mellberg put their country ahaed in Poland before halftime. Ajax's striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic came on for Allbäck in the final minute.

Wesley Sonck was on great form for Belgium. He scored twice against Croatia, and thuis made sure his side won 2-1. Belgium still has a chance of reaching Portugal. Sonck was replaced in the 92nd minute by his Ajax-teammate Tom Soetaers. Jelle van Damme statred the match as Belgium's left back.

Finland drew against Wales: 1-1. Ajax's defender Petri Pasanen was in the starting line-up, Jari Litmanen did not play. The Finns are eliminated.

Romania, with Bogdan Lobont and hired-out Cristian Chivu, drew against the Denmark of former Ajax player Jesper Gronkjaer: 2-2.

Foto: Proshots