HFC Haarlem bankrupt

HFC Haarlem bankrupt

HFC Haarlem declared bankruptcy on Monday. The 120 year old football club from North Holland’s capital city has been removed from competition, effective immediately. Ajax had a partnership with Haarlem in the technical area.

Haarlem didn’t succeed in finding an investor who was willing to take on the club’s debts. The Roodbroeken requested a moratorium on payments several weeks ago. The last placed team of the first division faced problems when the construction of their new stadium was called off. Their away match against Excelsior (3-0 loss) last Friday will have been their last one in professional football.

Various attempts to save the club were made in the last weeks. A benefit evening was organised in December in Haarlem’s stadium, with duels between HFC Haarlem and Jong Ajax, and Oud Haarlem – Lucky Ajax.

In the technical area, Ajax had a partnership with Haarlem, which was recently intensified. Haarlem trained several times at de Toekomst, and Ajax players Timothy van der Meulen, Sergio Padt, Javier Martina, Tayfun Candan, Tom Overtoom en Edgar Manucharyan were temporarily transferred to Haarlem. Two members of their technical staff, Hennie Spijkerman en Rob Witschge, came from Ajax.

Cock Jol, the project manager who maintained the contact with Haarlem, reacted on the sad news from Haarlem on behalf of Ajax: “We feel badly for the people of Haarlem and surroundings, who put their heart and soul into the club. For Ajax, it’s a shame, sport-wise. We had five players with Haarlem in the A-selection, and two staff members. Concretely, Ajax now will look for suitable functions for Hennie Spijkerman en Rob Witschge. The players will be transferred back to Ajax and will train later this week with Jong Ajax.”