Hennie Spijkerman to Haarlem

Hennie Spijkerman to Haarlem

Ajax, HFC and Hennie Spijkerman have reached an agreement regarding Spijkerman’s transition, effective immediately, to his new position as head coach in Haarlem. The agreement is effective until July 1, 2010.

Spijkerman, born on October 28, 1950 in Zwolle, has played professional football as keeper at PEC Zwolle and Go Ahead Eagles. His coaching career began in the youth training programme at Go Ahead Eagles, after which he was head coach at VVV, FC Emmen and FC Zwolle, among others. Spijkerman became assistant coach at Ajax in the summer of 2006. Since July 1, 2008, he's worked with Ajax on scouting and partnerships with clubs abroad. He is under contract with Ajax until June 30, 2010.

General Manager Rik van den Boog: “It’s important that Haarlem’s performance improves. Hennie is a very experienced coach, and it’s the ideal solution for all parties following Jan Zoutman’s departure. It’s a temporary fix, as there’s a new coach coming for next season. Both Hennie and Ajax have expressed the intention to continue working together after this season, in a different role. We’ll be discussing this in March.”

“At Ajax, and around me, it’s been known for a while that I wanted to be on the field again”, says Hennie Spijkerman. “I was in discussions with Ajax about this, to try and make something happen for next season. I’m glad that this has come up, although I realise that it’ll be a big job. Haarlem needs to stay in the Jupiler League, and we’re going to work hard to make this happen. I’m planning to sit with the players and staff to talk about how we can reach this goal together.”

HFC Haarlem’s General Manager Johan van Streun is happy with Spijkerman’s arrival. “Haarlem’s situation is no secret, and we’re glad to get a good, experienced head coach for the rest of the season, without having to incur extra costs. This is one of the big advantages of our partnership with Ajax. I have faith that Spijkerman can hit the right chord with our players, and improve Haarlem’s performance.”