Galatasaray defeat Liverpool

In a match that was far from attractive or sportsmanlike, Galatasaray defeated Liverpool 2-1 van Liverpool. The Turkish side gained five points that way, but could not win the Amsterdam Tournament any more.

Although Liverpool had the initiative, it was Galatasary that took the lead after 21 minutes. João Batista shoved the ball in the far coner past goalkeeper Kirkland: 1-0.

Emile Heskey tied the score after 36 minutes when he headed in a croos from the left. Liverpool could not enjoy it long. Three minutes later Prates made it 2-1 with a georgeous free kick.

In the second half the match deteroirated rapidly. Play got rougher and referee Temmink had to draw to red cards. Gerrard and Mellor were sent off. The score did not change. Galatasaray finished as the Tournament's number three on five points and Liverpool, fourth, on two.