Fischer’s shining debut year

Fischer’s shining debut year

In the last days of 2012, features Ajax players who have been in the spotlight during the last year. For whatever reason, 2012 was their year. In this edition: Viktor Fischer. The 18 year old Danish forward looks back on an unforgettable debut year.

His baptism by fire happened sooner than expected, but it was a successful one. Since then, Viktor Fischer is at home with the big boys at Ajax 1. His transition will soon be complete when he trades in his bicycle for a flashy car, just like his teammates’.

It’s an unusual site in the parking lot at De Toekomst. Next to the rows of gleaming cars, a different type of vehicle has been parked for a long time: a bicycle. It’s a real school kid’s bike, with a basket above the front tire. It’s consistently parked in the same spot, as it in on this midweek morning. But the two wheeled vehicle may not be there next year – at least, if the owner has anything to say about his. His name is Viktor Fischer, and he’s planning on getting his driving license. Then, the 18 year old Dane won’t need to ride his bike from his host family in Ouderkerk, but can drive his car to practice. The date of his driving test has been set. “I’ve already chosen a car. It’s one just like the other guys have. A Mercedes.”

The fact that Fischer will be allowed to drive a car is indicative of the development he’s undergone. He’s not only grown up as a person, but as a football player, too. And he’s done this at a fast pace. Last summer he was preparing for a new season in A1, but, five months later, he’s played eight Eredivisie matches, and has even appeared in two Champions League matches.
“It’s all happened incredibly fast”, says Fischer, who traded the Danish club FC Midtylland for Ajax’s youth academy eighteen months ago. “I was supposed to start with A1, but then Frank de Boer called to ask me if I’d come to the first team’s training camp immediately. Well, I wanted to very much. I arrived there that same day.”

He was very nervous in De Lutte. That’s the reason why, according to him, he didn’t do many good things during his first practices. But that was also because he was too impressed by the many spectators who were in attendance. “I don’t think I touched the ball at all back then. Everything went wrong. I was much too tense. But I don’t think the coach minded.”
He made his official debut in the practice match against Huizen. After that, he played a few practice matches, and then he made his home debut in the Amsterdam ArenA, at home against
Celtic. “That was amazing, but the stadium was only about half full then. When 50.000 people are there, I just hold my breath. I’m still nervous. Especially if we’re playing an important game, like recently against PSV. But I enjoy it a lot. As a kid, I dreamed of playing in a big stadium like he ArenA.”
Fischer experienced a year in which memorable moments came fast and hard. First of all, there were the finals of the NextGen Series, which is the Champions League for the best youth teams. With the A1 team, he lost by a hair to Internazionale. After the summer he made his debut in the Eredivisie, he played European football and played an important role in the 3-1 win against PSV. “I scored and made an assist. That was an amazing match. But I also have great memories playing away at Liverpool with A1, for NextGen. We won 6-0, and they played a hopeless game. We totally outplayed them. I scored three goals in that game.”

The Dane himself would have been happy even if he’d made his debut in the second half of the season, but now he’s a full member of the first team. The rookie is enjoying himself fully. He admits that he finds the daily rhythm of an Ajax 1 player tough. “Everything requires more strength. The matches, and the practices too. When I get home, I’m exhausted and I collapse on the couch. I go to bed early most of the time”, says Fischer, who still lives with a host family in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel.

“It’s also tough mentally”, he says. “I wasn’t used to attention from media and supporters before, but I’m getting accustomed to it slowly. I just handed out some autographs to some sick kids. That’s all new for me, but I’m happy to do it.”

Where will he spend Christmas? Fischer says with a glowing face: “With my family in Denmark. We get off on Monday, December 24th. I’m going to get on my flight as soon as I can, because I don’t want to miss Christmas eve. That’s the most special day of the year. We also celebrate the other two days, but less extensively. More like you here. On Christmas eve we first go to church, and after that there are presents. I’m already looking forward to it. We need to report back at the start of January, so I have almost two weeks to relax and enjoy.”