Fine following fan misconduct

Fine following fan misconduct

The UEFA has once again punished Ajax for supporter misconduct. At the Celtic – Ajax Champions League game, chairs were destroyed and thrown in the direction of the home crowd. The UEFA has issued a 20.000 euro fine for this. In addition to the financial sanction, Ajax is expected to pay a similar sum to compensate for material damages to the Scottish club’s stadium.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Ajax is being sanctioned by the European association. Earlier this month, a 25.000 euro fine was handed out for an offensive banner displayed during the Ajax – Celtic home game. In recent years, Ajax has been punished frequently, mostly for setting off fireworks.

In addition to the financial damage sustained by the club, such disorderly conduct reflects very badly on Ajax’s image and on football in general. This is true for both unruly behaviour in the stadium, as well as when such behaviour takes place in the city centre. Ajax will also continue to work with key partners (police, ministry and city of Amsterdam) in order to prevent such conduct, and punish it.

As we know, individuals who misbehave receive a national stadium ban and, when possible, they are expected to take on some of the financial responsibility for the fine and material damage. Ajax implores its supporters to behave in a manner befitting Ajax, making the need for such fines and their consequences unnecessary.