Filipe: 'Today was perfect'

Ajax presented Luis Filipe Kasmirski on Monday and Filipe presented himself to the Dutch media. For the Brazilian left back, the transfer to Ajax is a dream come true. ,,Today was perfect'', he said. ,,I hope everyday here will be like this.''

There was attention for his last name. Kasmirski does not sound as South-American as one would expect from a Brazilian. ,,My ancestors are Polish'', Filipe explained. ,,But I have a Brazilian passport and I have never been to Poland.''

It was remarkable how considerate and thoughtful the 19-year-old, sitting alongside technical director Louis van Gaal and coach Ronald Koeman, presented himself in Amsterdam. ,,How he behaves today, suggests that outside his football skills he is otherwise also a good acquisition", Ronald Koeman said. ,,It is important that a player behaves in a normal way, adjusts and is disciplined. He has to show his skills in the 90 minutes he is on the pitch."

Playing for Figueirense, he did that so well that he caught Ajax's eye. ,,We were looking for a right winger", Louis van Gaal explained. ,,The Brazilian player we came to see, had Filipe as his opponent. Filipe defended the guy so well, that we asked to see video tapes of him. You always have to keep your eye open for talent. He comes to us first on loan, but we have already reached agreement with his club for when he succeeds here. That is not only about his football abilities. He has to adjust to the Dutch culture and the Ajax culture.''

Filipe will be placed in a Dutch host family where Dutch is the only language spoken. That way he can learn the language quickly. ,,I am happy to be staying with a Dutch family", Filipe said enthousiastically. ,,The faster I can get acclimatised, the better. I will of course miss my family and the Brazilian food, but I think I'll get used to this situation quickly.''

Kasmirski also expects to adjust to the football style of Ajax quickly. ,,I will know how Ajax play in a few weeks. I already know a little bit, because they show European football in Brazil. I saw Ajax's last match, which ended in 1-1. I thought Ajax played well, but the opponent played very defensively and it can happen that you don't score against them. In Brazil I was more offensive-minded, it was more about scoring goals there. Here I will have to play more defensively. Take care of my man first. Maxwell is a great player and we will have a healthy competition. I will do my best.''

When Filipe arrived at the Amsterdam ArenA on Monday morning, he immediately met Maxwell and 'the Greek guy', Yannis Anastasiou. ,,Everything here is better than in Brazil. Training was a bit tougher, but the way the players behave, is better. And so is the equipment.''

Filipe knows that half the squad is away on international duties. ,,I like it that there are players from so many different countries at Ajax. I can't wait until they all come back and I can meet them.''

At the end of the presentation Filipe went onto the pitch of the ArenA with some photographers and looked around. ,,I think it's hard to found a stadium equal to this anywhere. It's fantastic.''

His first day as an Ajax player came to an end. ,,It was a perfect day. I hope every day will be like this.''