Fans have a great time with sponsors

Fans have a great time with sponsors

Ajax’s sponsors went all out during Open Day. The Oad players bus, taking a picture with the champions at Sony, guessing balls at Mercedes, and aiming balls into the holes at AEGON, were just some of the activities in the P2 lot.

Sony’s activities were very popular, as could be seen by the long line ups in front of their tents. Kids could shoot a ball, and were photographed using the latest photography equipment. “We hope most of all that people will enjoy themselves at this Open Day”, said Roxanne on Sony’s behalf. “We also want them to get to know our cameras. Best of all, they can get a nice discount of one hundred euro on the new NEX-C3.” For the ones brave enough to wait in line at Sony, the reward was a worth it. They were digitally inserted into the photo of the national champions!

As usual, there were equally long lines in front of the Oad bus, with people who wanted to feel what it feels like for an Ajax player to be transported from A to B. “Of course I sat down, and a picture was taken of me”, said Sharad. “I think it’s very luxurious. It’s great!”

Wherever you looked on the large P2 parking lot, you saw AEGON. With Ajax Streetwise, the sponsor replicated the successful Streetwise campaign from this past year. The Fanquiz was held on the podium. “The new quiz will be launched on the site today”, according to Judith from AEGON. But AEGON’s biggest hit remained ‘AEGON’s goal’, where fans could aim balls into holes. Every hole had a number, corresponding to a prize. Many supporters went home with a great prize, such as the Ajax Yearbook.”