Exciting show in De Lutte

Exciting show in De Lutte

Ajax trained this Thursday morning on SV De Lutte’s field for the fourth time. Kolbeinn Sigthórsson was absent, choosing the bicycle over the ball as a precaution. The Icelander is suffering from a slight ankle injury.

Once again today, many fans found their way to the SV De Lutte football field. They were met by a very enthusiastic selection. This was due to yet another impressive execution of the exercises, this time by Riechedly Bazoer, among others.

After several forms of training used to work on the short work, it was time for the meat of the training: short matches of five against five, during which the keepers remained. Keepers Peter Leeuwenburgh and Norbert Alblas received assistance from Maurits Schmitz and Xavier Mous. Keeper’s trainer Carlo l’Ami thus didn’t have to stand it between the posts.

The games lasted five minutes. Applying pressure quickly paid off the most and resulted in some nice goals. But any mistake in the execution was punished mercilessly by the opposing side, who took advantage thanks to a quick transition.

The team consisting of Kenny Tete, Richairo Zivkovic, Stefano Denswil and Ricardo Kishna scored the most points. They rushed over to the Ajax photographer afterwards to immortalize their successful team.

This afternoon, the Ajax players will enjoy a team outing. Tomorrow morning at 10:30, the last training will take place at De Lutte. On Saturday, the friendly matches against Achilles ’29 (in De Lutte) and Real Sociedad (at HHC in Hardenburg).