Enoh feels like he’s in de Lutte

Enoh feels like he’s in de Lutte

Eyong Enoh started preparing for the new season last week. The 26 year old Cameroon native has been sidelined for two months due to a knee injury. Starting now, the midfielder can focus on coming back. It’s still unclear when he will be completely fit for matches.

“For me, it feels a bit like I’m in De Lutte this week”, says Eyong Enoh as he leaves the training field. The midfielder certainly hasn’t lost his sense of humour. While most of his team mates attended the annual training camp in Overijssel in July, Enoh remained behind, injured. Now, in the last week of August, the African is free of the knee injury and can focus on the new season. “It’s been warm this past week, so because of that, I feel like I’m in De Lutte. Moreover, the exercises under the hot sun are good for my recovery. It helps build up your fitness faster.”

This past championship year ended on a sour note for Enoh. During the friendly interland in Metz against Guinea, he sustained a knee injury. “At first I thought that it wasn’t too bad, because I just played the rest of the match. Afterwards, it appeared that it was more serious. It continued to hurt and my left knee kept

Examinations in Africa revealed that his knee cap was broken. He was put in a cast for four weeks. At an examination in Amsterdam, it appeared to be a genetic condition in which the knee cap is made up of two pieces. The bone was sprained at the level of the knee cap. Because the leg had been in a cast for four months, all of the muscle strength had disappeared from the thigh. Because of this sprain and the lost muscle strength, Enoh was only able to start recovery training last month. Enoh: “That’s why I needed to recover from both my knee injury and at the same time, train the muscles in my thigh. I’ve fortunately regained the strength in my upper leg.”

At a press conference on Friday, Frank de Boer confirmed that the strength in Enoh’s left leg has increased a lot. Compared with his good right side, his left leg has grown to about 80%. Just like De Boer, Enoh doesn’t want to speculate when he’ll be completely ready to play. The Cameroon native, who is under contract to Ajax until 2015, prefers to leave that to the medical experts. “That’s more the doctor’s and the physio’s area. I’m now training will full commitment and I can give more each time. So we’re heading in the right direction. I hope that I can play minutes for Ajax again soon.”