Ebecilio aims high

Ebecilio aims high

On Friday Lorenzo Ebecilio signed a new and improved contract which will run until 30 June 2014. CEO Rik van den Boog, CFO Jeroen Slop and Ebicilio’s family were present when he signed.

Lorenzo Ebecilio was accompanied by his parents, two sisters (seven and three years old) and his uncle on Friday afternoon. On this special day he signed his second Ajax contract. The nineteen year old winger signed his first contract in March 2008. With that youth contract he played on the Under 19’s under manager Frank de Boer. ,,That contract showed Ajax had confidence in me; it made me feel very good’’, Ebecilio said after signing. ,,But the same goes for this contract. I feel the confidence here as well.’’ There is a slight difference this time: Ebecilio is one of the ‘big boys’ on Ajax’ first team now.

De Boer was so impressed by Ebecilio’s talent, that when he was appointed interim manager to the first team, he immediately brought Ebecilio on board. He debuted in the away game against Vitesse. De Boer put his trust in Ebecilio from the start and he started the game. Even though the winger has only been on Ajax’ first team for six months, he has become a fixed feature since that match in the Gelredome. Last Sunday, in the match against Excelsior, he was man of the match after scoring two goals.

,,Everything has been moving so quickly lately. There is little time to realise what’s going on, to let it all sink in.’’ Now that Ebecilio has earned himself a spot on the team, he hopes to keep it for a while yet. ,,Willpower has got me this far. That spot on the team is mine’’, he says with a smile. This new agreement offers Ebecilio time to progress and develop further into a top class player. ,,I always aim high. I want to achieve so many things, such as playing in the Champions League, winning those prizes. I want to progress in my game and play to my full potential in every match.’’

De Boer is pleased that Ebecilio has extended his contract with Ajax. ,,It is a good thing for us, that he has renewed his contract. Lorenzo has already proven at this age, to be an asset to the first team. He has adapted to the level of practice and the matches quickly. He is fast, threatening and he is two-footed. We can certainly use a player like that. He will be able to develop his skills further over the coming years. If he stays calm when he has the ball and knows how to dose his individual plays, he will become even more effective."