Didulica spends the winter break on the beach

Joey Didulica made his debut for Ajax in 2002 and played himself in the picture with both the Australian and the Croatian team.

Where will you be at Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve?
,,Back home in Australia, with my family and friends. I’m from Geelong, that is near Melbourne. I’ll be on the beach at Christmas, it is summer in Australia now. Our house is near the beach so I will spend a lot of time on the sand. I love the outdoors and being on the water.’’
,,I get to see my family four weeks a year. It is good to spend Christmas and New Year with family and friends. Normally they only see me on television.’’

The most important of the past year?
,,My debut for Ajax.’’ (see interview)

Looking back on 2002…?
,,It has been a great year, both for Ajax and me personally.’’ (see interview)

Expectations for 2003?
,,Repeat the successes with Ajax and hopefully make my debut for Australia.’’ (see interview)

With whom would you like to drink champagne?
,,With my girlfriend. On New Year’s Eve we celebrate the first anniversary of our relationship.’’