De Boer: ‘This feels like a loss’

De Boer: ‘This feels like a loss’

The combination of a lead blown at the last minute and the title (most likely) definitely out of reach makes the draw (1-1) at FC Utrecht even more disappointing. “Ajax had more right to win today”, said Frank de Boer about the game.

“It wasn’t a great match”, is how Ajax’s coach opened his comments on the match in the always lively Galgenwaard. Almost 1200 Ajax fans who had made the trip were in attendance. There was nothing to complain about in terms of the atmosphere coming from the visitors’ stands on this Easter Sunday. “We were good defensively. And, certainly before the break, we created good opportunities.” However, this didn’t result in any goals for Ajax in the first half.

De Boer saw his Ajacieds show their flaws after the break, namely in the final minutes. “We made some bad decisions in those final minutes”, he said without mincing words. “We can only blame ourselves. We didn’t manage to finish the match. When you have a 1-0 lead, you know that it’s vulnerable.”

De Boer’s fear come true in the 88th minute. Substitute Gévero Markiet scored, bringing the home team even with Ajax. “The fact that we didn’t hurt Utrecht today is purely our own fault”, said De Boer. “I feel like we lost the match, and Utrecht feels like they won. This draw was unnecessary. Ajax had more right to win.”