De Boer: ‘Loss in an embarrassment’

De Boer: ‘Loss in an embarrassment’

After Ajax’s last Eredivisie game, Frank de Boer looked back on Ajax’s loss to Dordrecht: 2-1. The Ajax coach saw his team battle for one hour. In the last half hour, things went south. De Boer: “It was typical of this season that we ended up at 2-1.”

“It seemed that we thought the match would only last one hour.” De Boer’s comments on the match were accompanied by a sigh. In the Dordrecht press room, a short silence followed. The sounds of celebration on the other end of the Riwal Hoogwerkers Stadium are clearly audible. Dordrecht’s first even win against Ajax is being celebrated.

The North Holland native called on the honour of being an Ajacied. “If you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for Ajax”, De Boer repeated the message that he had given his selection earlier. “It’s almost not possible to lose here. Losing is an embarrassment.” His next words offered no comfort: “We didn’t manage to find our groove.”

The coach saw his Ajacieds work hard for an hour. “You know how Dordrecht has been playing in the past weeks: one on one. They have nothing to lose. We could respond for an hour. We were waiting for our 0-1.”

Viktor Fischer brought Ajax into the lead in the 57th minute. It seemed destined to be the first of several goals for the visitors. Unfortunately, the match took a different turn. Gutsy Dordrecht fought its way back in the last thirty minutes, passing the ousted national champions. The 2-1 loss was a logical consequence.”

“This is great for Dordrecht, but a shame for our 400 supporters who made this trip”, De Boer was sensitive to both the euphoria in Dordrecht and the disappointment in Amsterdam. “It’s been typical this season that we’ve ended up losing 2-1. I wish Dordrecht success in the Jupiler League. Hopefully the club will be back in the Eredivisie soon.”