De Boer frustrated again

De Boer frustrated again

Just like five days ago in Parc des Princes, a dissatisfied Frank de Boer appeared at the press conference in the Kyocera Stadium. Once again, Ajax had left points on the table. Against PSG, there had been more to be gained than the 3-1 loss. In The Hague, against ADO, the Ajacieds also failed to secure a win.

On Tuesday, the Ajax coach was audibly and visible disappointed with the UEFA Champions League loss. De Boer was disillusioned. He wasn’t able to hide his disappointment in The Hague, either, although his tone was somewhat milder when looking back on the match. Ajax suffered costly loss of points against ADO in the quest to win the national championship.

“When you come here, you know it can be a tough afternoon, especially due to the opportunistic play of ADO’s”, De Boer said, to open. There wasn’t much to comment on Ajax’s play in the first half. ADO completely fulfilled the predictions in terms of their play. “We were good, didn’t give anything away. If we had just been a bit more precise in our last passes, then we could have scored a second goal. In the moments when we could have dealt ADO a final blow, we didn’t strike.”

These comments were directed at a first half in which Davy Klaassen brought his team into a 0-1 lead after eight minutes. The failures of the first half ended up costing the Amsterdam team dearly in the second half. “In the second half, ADO was even more opportunistic than before”, continued De Boer. “If we don’t finish it, you know that the ball can go the wrong way at some point. Finally, they scored a good goal. That’s bitter, of course. Because when you’re up six minutes before the end, you want to take the win home.”

Driven by opportunism and fighting spirit, ADO conquered one point at the last minute. Ajax was forced to make do with a last-minute tie; at the end, bending to the constant pressure from their opponents. “It’s such a shame, because I truly felt that we would have returned to Amsterdam with three points if we had just played more precisely. That didn’t happen. We squandered big opportunities to come away with full points. I hope that this is the last time we leave points on the table after a European match. It’s our own fault that we’re not on top right now.”