De Boer expects great show

De Boer expects great show

Frank de Boer is counting on a highly entertaining last home game of the season against SC Cambuur. “We don’t have anything to lose”, predicts Ajax’s coach. “Cambuur will play the way they usually do: attractively, and offensively. I think it will be a fun, open match.”

De Boer sang his opponents’ praise. Cambuur’s current ninth placed ranking isn’t a coincidence, he says. “In terms of play, I feel they deserve to be there. The approaches of the coach, the players and the supporters have ensured that they are in this place, and they deserve it.”

Cambuur’s current philosophy lines up nicely with Ajax’s. De Boer: “Cambuur also likes to play against an offensive opponent. They have a harder time with a team which digs its heels in.”
Ajax has now secured second place in the Eredivisie. De Boer feels it’s a shame that the stakes are low for his team in these last matches. “You want to play for something: whether it’s Europa League, Champions League or competition. We would have loved to be in the cup finals. It’s no fun to watch other teams play for those prizes. On the other hand, we can now train properly and we don’t have any midweek matches.”

But De Boer sees enough challenges for the last two matches. For example, more offensive danger can be created. “We’re already looking to next year and playing around with how we can create more danger. Hopefully we’ll find the key on Sunday.”